Michael Hayman MBE sequences the Google genome


27 May Michael Hayman MBE sequences the Google genome

In his latest article for the Daily Telegraph, SUMMIT: The Future of Growth founder Michael Hayman MBE has discussed how we can inspire a scale-up economy to establish greatness on a truly global scale, such as that of Google.

Arguing that Google “is the brand that became a verb”, Michael notes that Google’s explosive growth culture has created a new DNA of success.

In order to create a British Google, a sense of optimism and belief must prevail Michael declared; and, indeed polling conducted among 300 business leaders who attended SUMMIT: The Future of Growth showed an overwhelming 89.4pc believed we can build a company like Google in the UK.

Chuka Umanna, the Shadow Business Secretary, said at SUMMIT: The Future of Growth that he believes the UK may well me more entrepreneurial even than America: “The British Dream is every bit as strong as the American one; we just don’t talk about it,” Michael notes.

The real issue, Michael goes onto argue, is turning the start-ups that emerged since the 2008 financial crash into scale-ups that can be world beaters.

Citing research that shows there are over 10,000 high-growth firms in the UK, Michael argues now is the time to “create a culture whereby more start-ups can takt he leap into becoming gazelle companies”.

Furthermore Infrastructure and the right environment will be required to help these companies rapidly grow – such as a sufficient skills base, the ability to import foreign talent, more heavy-duty venture capital and access to finance.

Concluding, Michael argues once this infrastructure is achieved, the opportunities for British companies to rapidly grow will become limitless, and that it is time to empower British companies to seize the day.

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