High-growth hotspots identified at SUMMIT: The Future of Growth


20 May High-growth hotspots identified at SUMMIT: The Future of Growth

SUMMIT: The Future of Growth—Seven Hills’ flagship gathering of over 300 business leaders, legislators and educators—saw the launch of new data, produced in partnership with Trampoline Systems, showing high-growth business to be thriving not just in London, but across the UK.

The data, which was launched by Trampoline Systems co-founder Charles Armstrong at Friday’s SUMMIT: The Future of Growth, is the first of its kind. By tallying high-growth businesses on a ward-by-ward basis the new research provides a more accurate picture than ever before of the distribution of the UK’s clusters of success.

Trampoline systems’ data revealed that while wards traditionally associated with strong economic performance—such as the central London borough of Westminster—lived up to expectations, they were far from alone. The North Western London borough of Barnet, for instance, surpassed the City of London high-growth businesses.

Clusters of high-growth were also noticeable across the nation’s urban powerhouses, with Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Hull and Bristol all showing robust figures.

The new data was released as part of Growth Britannia, a brand new report, intended to act as a roadmap to convert the UK’s entrepreneurial renaissance into a nation of high-growth businesses. The report distills the views of 100 leaders from the business community.

The enhanced focus brought to the UK high-growth landscape by Trampoline Systems’ research prompted coverage across a number of media outlets including The Daily TelegraphThe Yorkshire Post and Management Today.

Growth Britannia is available to download in full here

You can download Trampoline Systems’ data here